Travel Stories

The Future of Cruising

Given the uncertainty the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to our world, it is overwhelming to think about how we will one day safely travel, let... read more

Curious How International Travel Looks Today?

Rex Travel's office mascot, Rex Lancaster, is hitting the road and off to Turkey from November 20 - 29! This is Rex's first international trip... read more

Hawaii Is Open!

October 15 was the first day Hawaii began to welcome back visitors without their mandatory 14 day quarantine in place! This means travel to Hawaii... read more

Wellness: Health is Wealth

In a year of unrest and uncertainty, we can say without hesitation that we are ready for 2020 to be over! With 2021 less than... read more

An Update on Passports

The US State Department just recently announced this past week that all U.S. Passport Agencies are in at least phase 1, 2 or 3 of... read more

The Remote Life: Why work or school from home, when you can dial in from anywhere?

With offices and schools reopening both virtually and some physically, we are all adapting to a new normal. Travel is adapting as well. Hotels and... read more

Why Purchase Travel Insurance?

Although travel insurance is not required for travel, it is highly recommended! Accidents and unexpected events can and will happen… and usually when you least... read more

3 New, Impossibly Picturesque Boutique Hotels That Make it Easy to Dream About Your Next Trip to Europe

France. Italy. Spain. If you’re imagining traveling again to Europe, you’ll have no problem picturing yourself in any of three independent boutique hotels that have... read more

Mount Fuji and 3 Other Mountains You Need to Visit in Japan

France has the Eiffel Tower. The U.S. has the Statue of Liberty. But the visual shorthand for Japan is not man-made. It’s Mount Fuji. The Japanese archipelago... read more

Santa's Not Just Making Toys in His Village Above the Arctic Circle in Lapland

It’s exactly 3 months until Christmas, and we know Santa and his elves are working full throttle. But not just putting in overtime in the workshop... read more